Secrets lay uncharted within the cryptic citadel for centuries.

Only a team of the inquisitive may uncover the biggest secrets never told.

Your team led an expedition to find out this mysterious fabrication.
What they found will change everything.

Deep Within (Alpha V0.99)Edit

Deep Within (Alpha V0.99) is a Roblox Horror game created by user RabidCris on June 25th of 2016. Deep Within is a multi-chapter game that is separated into 4 parts currently. Only the first Chapter has featured any enemies as of yet, and the fourth Chapter is currently incomplete.

(Warning: This article does contain spoilers for the game.)

Chapter 1: Into the Rabbit HoleEdit

The player spawns in what is evidently an archeological exploration team’s shelter, indicated by a tub of packaged food, lanterns, and cots to sleep on. If the player makes their way upwards from this subterranean shelter, they will find themselves at the foot of a massive, metallic citadel with a large X-shaped doorway nearby. Clouds can be seen rapidly blowing by overhead, and the skybox changes between day and night every few minutes.

The Labyrinth Edit

Upon entering the aforementioned doorway, the player will be inside of a massive, pitch-black labyrinth with long, narrow beams of white light running along the various paths. The player must navigate their way to either the Drop or a hidden tunnel which leads to the Drop. The Drop is a large square hole in the floor that runs a significant distance downwards to another layer of the Citadel. Enemies can spawn within the Labyrinth, though this is quite rare.

The Lower Sanctum Edit

Once the player reaches the base of the Drop, The next section begins. If the player looks down one of the hallways from the Drop, they will see a large, glowing, red Vault door. Above this insignia are 4 dull bulbs. Each bulb corresponds to a randomly-spawned terminal within the Citadel’s depths. These terminals, once activated, will cause its matching bulb to illuminate. All 4 terminals must be activated to open the Vault.

It is to be noted that enemies spawn very frequently on this layer, particular around the red Vault door.

The Caverns Edit

This is the final legitimately-accessible part of Chapter 1. Chapter 1 is uncompletable without going outside of the map, though this is quite easily done. It cannot be completed due to a single part of the jump puzzle which is impossible to do.

Once the player opens the vault, they will likely be greeted with an enemy or two. The area behind the Vault splits into two paths; to the left, a dead end, and to the right, the way forwards. The player does have to activate 4 terminals in these tunnels to advance beyond another red Vault door, though the terminals are quite easily found. After the player opens the door, they will be greeted with a two-part jump puzzle. The first part is rather easy, but the second part cannot be accesed. After this, the player would normally walk down a series of metal halls and tunnels until they reached an area with a portal frame and a glass-windowed tower. The player must get into the tower through a broken wall panel and turn on the portal, then step through, in order to finish Chapter 1.

Enemies Edit

There are 5 known main antagonists in Chapter 1. They vary in both spawn rate and threat level, and are only present in this Chapter. they are as follows:

  • The Crawler - a fast, small, solid-black creature that crawls along the ground like a monkey. It does very little damage, and serves mostly to startle the player. It has the most frequent spawn rate, and can be identified by a distinct, loud wheezing-like breathing.
  • The Red Man- does a quite a bit of damage to the player. He is also slower than the player and spawns second most often. He can be identified by vibrant red particles that come off of him, his elongated extremities and missing head, and the engine-like noise that eminates from him.
  • The Elk Walker- A large, Elk-Man hybrid that deals massive amounts of damage to players, he spawns frequently and is not to be underestimated. He can be identified by the sound of crackling fire or light breathing, and the bright, spinning particles that come off of him.
  • The Green Man- While not the rarest monster, he is certainly the deadliest. If you encounter him, expect to succumb to him. He is incredibly fast and can nearly instantly kill any player. He also appears to wear an unknown type of luminescent green armor, and can be identified by the sound of metal scraping.
  • The Eyes- This entity is so rare to encounter that it was unknown for many months of gameplay, and its few encounters had been thought of as bugs. It is very real, however, and is quite dangerous. It appears as two floating, disembodied red eyes that remain motionless. They will teleport closer to the player if they are abandoned for too long and will kill the player instantly upon contact. The death caused by this entity is unique, in that a shaking image of the eyes with a black background appears. This entity produces a metallic droning sound that can only be heard within less than a meter of the player.

Power Outages Edit

At around the time the player finds the Drop, if not earlier, the ”power” in the citadel will fail, which causes all white lights within the structure to temporarily cease function. The lights will come back on after about 30 seconds, red in hue, for about a minute until the power is fully restored. About every 5-10 minutes the power cuts out. During the red phase, Many dozens of blast doors will appear in place at intersections and door frames. This is only a minor setback, if at all, but it is to be noted that the entrance will be sealed for this duration.

Reaching the End of Chapter 1 Edit

The only way to get to the legitimate end of this chapter is for the player to go under the map through any sort of hole in the wall, and walk around until they find a hallway with 3 yellow light and 3 sparking, blown-out lights above them. This hallway leads to the ending room.

The most direct way to the ending is as follows: From the Drop, head towards the red Vault door until you are almost there, with the option to go left or right. Head left and keep going straight until the top of a short set of stairs is reached. From here, take the first right. There should be a small stairway that ends abruptly with a hole that goes out of the map. Keep facing forwards as you drop, as this is your best point of reference.

Assuming the player is facing the same direction from falling into the hole, head to the back left for a short distance. From there, if the player looks ”forwards” they will see three yellow lights about 3 meters off the ground, on a raised walkway. Get onto this walkway, and from there the final room is very straightforwards.

There is a chance that elevator music will begin playing upon reaching the final room, though this appears to be an easter egg left to chance.

Chapter 2: The Answer Lies Here Edit

This is the second chapter in the Deep Within Series. Worth noting is that all Chapters past the first are very short, and do not take nearly as much time as the First.

Introduction Edit

The player will spawn in a square room with white lights lining the walls. Upon exiting the spawn room, the player will see two “Access Denied” doors and a third door further down the hall. The player must progress from room to room and press buttons, not unlike the terminals from Chapter 1, in order to reach the portal at the end. Each button opens an “Access Denied” door that leads to the next room, whether it be another button or an ending.

The First Button Edit

The first button is found in a small, walled area within a larger room in the third door’s area. This area can be entered through a broken wall panel.

The Second Button Edit

The second button lies past another “Access Denied” doorway, which is at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Past this door is a large room with white lights and large pistons, compressing an unknown liquid. Further still, and the player reaches a downwards incline with two paths; the left path leads to the second button, while the right path leads to a very loud jumpscare.

The Third Button Edit

The third button is found in the “Access Denied” room immediately to the right of the spawn. This is the final button that needs to be pressed to reach the End of the Chapter.

The Portal Room Edit

This is the final room in Chapter 2. It can be found to the left in the hall beyond the spawnpoint. After following this corridor, the player will come to a large, Football field-like room that has an empty portal frame and four lights in the corners of the area. Upon pressing the terminal next to the portal, lines of white light will illuminate around the room. Bright flashes of light will begin to repeatedly illuminate the room, and the portal will visibly become active. The player must simply enter the portal to finish the Chapter.

Chapter 3: Transition Edit

This part is less of a proper Chapter than it is a cutscene, due to it being the shortest section of the story, and the relative lack of player involvement.

The player will spawn in a square puddle of teal-colored liquid, unknown in origin, and will see ahead of them a large room with a hexagonal blast door on the far wall, a below it a button. The room is lined with red lights, and the blast door itself has 5 bulbous red lights. A small square structure resembling the battlements of a castle is in the center of a room.

The cutscene begins when the player presses the button. All lights in the room turn white, and the blast door slides off to the right into the wall. The top half of the central structure floats out from the area behind the door, completing it. The blast door returns, and all lights return to a red color, except for the lights in the front right corner of the room. There, the floor raises up and exposes an electrical field. After a few seconds, a triangular portal appears in the middle of the field. Stepping through it finishes the Chapter.

Chapter 4: (Name unknown) Edit

This is the Final Chapter as of the current date, and is itself not complete yet.

The player spawns in the middle of a sandstorm in a large desert. In the far distance a massive Citadel is visible, and in front of the player is a submerged metal structure with a passage lower into the Earth visible. This is where the level is supposed to take place.

The player enters into a large ravine with a glowing button at one end. Pressing this button will temporarily spawn a jump puzzle which must be completed in order to advance. Several other jump puzzles like this appear, and the player must climb back up and start over if they fail.

Nothing further in the game has been developed yet, and it would not seem that future work is coming.

There is one easter egg in this Chapter: if the player traverses the distance to the Citadel, at the base there is an NPC player model that is pressing into the wall for reasons unknown.

Latest activityEdit

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The Vault Door without any terminals active.